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Phentermine is a prescription based drug only sold with a medical practitioner approved written prescription. For people interested in exercising, prone to behavior change, and working on their body posture by following reduced-calorie diet program are in need of this drug mainly. It is generally used by certain overweight people, like as those who are obese to a level that they might face some weight-related medical issues. This growing weight sometimes results in some serious health issues that come alongside with the obesity, are heart disease, type 2 or the type 1diabetes, high/low blood pressure, so as result in a shorter life.

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  • May suffer from the heart valve disorder
  • Can be a reason for the primary pulmonary hypertension too some times
  • Can cause psychotic disorder in some cases
  • Can create bad mouth taste
  • May have blurred vision
  • Experience changes in your sex drive
  • Suffer from constipation often
  • May be the reason for diarrhoea

Weight loss in or during pregnancy can be harmful for you as well for the unborn baby too, even if you are already overweight. Do not consume Phentermine if you are pregnant or expecting to be. Kindly discuss this issue with your doctor right away if you expecting or become pregnant during the treatment.